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I was born in Tucson AZ in 1970, then moved to San Diego in 1975. I joined the Marine Corps in 1990 where I served till 1994. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, I  re-entered into the Marine Corps where I just recently retired after 20 years of honorable service. I participated in combat operations in the Gulf War and two tours in Iraq where I received the Purple Heart Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal. In 2014 I met my now wife and long time resident, Jacqueline. We married in May of 2017 at 1862 David Wallys Hot Springs. We look forward to starting a family in a community we both love so dearly.

My Experience

I have served ten years as a Marine Corps military police officer. My law enforcement career began as a patrol officer and worked my way up the ranks to police executive. During my career, I supervised and managed over 120 Marine's in patrol operations, trained and certified the Marines in the use of force, firearms qualifications, non-lethal capabilities, and radar certifications using speed measuring devices. As a Police executive, I managed 43 civilian police officers, trained and certified the officers in firearms training, use of force, nonlethal capabilities, emergency vehicle operations and radar certifications. Wrote training plans, memorandum of understanding and agreements, standard operating procedures and ensured that the officers were enforcing rules and regulations while performing law enforcement functions while still maintaining Marine Corps standards and flowing those standards. Sheriff in Gardnerville Paris for Sheriff in Gardnerville Military in Gardnerville

My Commitment to You


It’s Time for Change in Douglas County.

In the past 30 years the Sheriff’s Office has had an increase in their budget. The population has doubled, yet they still operate with at least 5 patrol vehicles in the valley and 2 patrol vehicles at the lake. As Douglas County continues to grow, the Sheriff’s Office will need to continue to request additional money to hire new deputies. Currently the average response time is 11 minutes depending on the type of call and location, this is acceptable but with additional deputies that response time in the county can be reduced. This is a concern that I will address and make a priority as I will continue to push for more money and hire more deputies. The time is now to start a new recruitment effort so in 3 years we are not operating at a bare minimum staffing level that will result in natural attrition.  Additionally, I would like to re-energize the community policing program by establishing new ideas and concepts that work. This vision will help rebuild the relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the residents of Douglas County. As your next Sheriff I will make sure that these concerns are my top priority and addressed at every budget meeting and ensuring that the funds that are requested is managed and spent effectively as where the tax payer is getting the services we as a Sheriff’s Office provide. As your next Sheriff I will maintain accountability and provide the same service to the residents of Douglas County with my core values of Integrity, Honestly, Loyalty and setting the example. It was my core values that made me successful in the Marine Corps and who I am today and its those core values that I hold close to my heart.    

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I have honorably served the United States and the United States Marine Corps for 20 years. Now let me the honor and serve the community and residents of Douglas County with the same dedication, integrity, and honesty I gave the Marine Corps. I want to continue improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today will help me make a difference. 

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